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Flat towing wiring harness

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Anticipating having to move cross country for work with possibility of having to move multiple times. Right now Im considering between U-Haul and flat towing and U-Haul and tow dolly but I'm trying to price out the whole project. Hf sells a tow bar I believe will work but I cannot find a reasonably priced wiring harness. That being said I'm not really sure what is reasonable but the rental of the dolly is quoted at 168 and the harness is 145 so that seems pricy to me. The picture looks like someone I could rig up with a trailer wiring kit spliced into the corresponding wires of the currently installed tow wiring harness except for the little black box which I don't know what it does. I think it may just be some diodes to prevent up stream travel to the rest of the vehicles wiring but I'm not sure. Any ideas what the black box is on the harness and if it's necessary, can I just splice into my towing harness and wire in my own diodes or just disconnect up stream so only the towing vehicle is connected to the lights.
Also what about brakes for the towed jeep, is that potentially economical or necessary. I would think the U-Haul would be more than able to stop it but I'm no expert.


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