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Model:TJ SE

Engine:2.5L I-4


Transfer Case:Original??

Front Axle:Original??

Rear Axle:Original??

Axle Gear Ratio:Original??





Recovery Gear:N/A

Accessories:Sterio, Amp, Rear speakers, Fog lights, 4sw mid-panel

Future Modifications:New 4.0L w/NSG370 & NV241, Roof rack, rock lights, Rear Lights, Zombie lights

Used to have a sweet CJ7 a few years ago, refurbished it from the ground up, and I left it with W1. Searched around a bit and located this little white wrangler in Sacramento, low miles, and drove it home.
Did not have any idea however, due to my previous experience with the 6 cyclinder, that this would be so under powered. I figured out in a hurry that the little 4 banger likes to be run at a little higher RPMz. It does not have near the low end torque that the old CJ7 had. Anyway, it is what it is. I got it home and promptly tuned it up; Plugs, wires, coil, cap, rotor. Now it fires up immediately, no 2or 3 revs. Have not taken it out much yet, I am hoping that it gets better mileage than my 98 Durango, which it did not do on the trip home from Ca. I was poking around and noticed that it is supposed to have a little higher compression ratio, which would account for the noticable difference from lower to higher octane fuel.
Still trying to figure this one out.


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06-09-2019, 08:25 PM
Drove 4cyl as my first Jeep, learned to love it! Ran 178k on its clock. Im at 4000elevation w/last 1000’@<1.5mile. Past 160k the lil engine, t’was struggling, but hey no complaints. Depends on your main use. Many of us complain of mileage. I suspect once you learn the feel, you will be happy. Which tranny? Spend 6 mos in her... see for yourself.

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