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AX15 no 3rd or 4th gear

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Haven’t been able to find a post with the exact same symptoms as I'm experiencing but here it goes. Three times now I have lost 3rd and 4th gear. Nothing in particular seems to trigger it, they just go out as they please both while driving or after sitting and then come back as they please. When I say these gears "go out" what I mean is that it is impossible to shift into 3rd and 4th. It's like trying to push the shifter through a wall. If I try and push it into gear with the clutch out you can feel the shifter pulsing like it's trying to engage but just can't. The transmission acts like normal when this issue occurs, no odd noises or vibration. I keep on driving normally just without those two gears. When this issue started I was running Redline MT-90 gear oil, I have since flushed it with new MT-90 gear oil. The old oil was still in good shape and had minimal metal shavings (for being 40k miles old). I'm looking for ideas to what might be the issue, and if it might require a rebuild of the transmission. Any help is appreciated.


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