99TJ 4.0 manual with acceleration noise 🤨 Jeep Registry
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99TJ 4.0 manual with acceleration noise 🤨

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ok so I've looked through about a threads and found helpful info but not exactly what I need. I have a 99 TJ 4.0 5 speed, when I let off the gas ONLY in 5th gear I'm getting a clickitty click (yes I said it lol) she also recently started to grind gears in 3rd seems like if I'm over rpms. She has 199k but I rebuilt the motor 2 years ago, new clutch (less than a year) I am mechanically inclined but this 1 has me stumped. I am leaning towards a bad throw out bearing but before I rip her apart wanted more input. Thanks
Not sure if it will upload but I have audio of the sound


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