2002 2.5: Spark plug chase/retap? Jeep Registry
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2002 2.5: Spark plug chase/retap?

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All, yesterday,while doing a oil change and tune up, I think I crossthreaded the rear(4) spark plug. I put it in and began tightening like normal... but it just kept spinning. I tried to shake it to test for stripped plug threads. The new plug didn't share or spin by finger. I figured I'd test it so, I wired it all back up and started to TJ up. It fired right up and runs mostly like normal.
.I drove it around for a hour or so. Oddish idle periodically but...

Is this an engine swan song or is retapping/chasing that #4 plug hole a relatively easy task. Or would it be better to let a pro do it? Any and all input is valued?


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