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Swapping your yj fender to tj fenders

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Here’s my writeup on swapping your Yj fenders over to TJ fenders. The conversion is mildly complex depending on how far you want to take it, but It’s an enjoyable project nonetheless and the results look great!
Tj fenders will fit in place but 6 holes have to drilled to mount it, three at the base of the fender where the fender mounts to the body and three holes drilled on the back of the grill. You can start by removing one of the old fenders and matching up the holes to the tj so you can reuse the threaded holes in the body to mount them. Once you mount the fender you can mark the next three holes to be drilled. Tj fenders have three pre drilled holes, they bolt up to the back on the grill as opposed to the sides (although there are three other holes on the side similar to the yj) with the fender fully mounted there will about a 2.5in gap between the fender and the grill, I haven’t fixed that issue yet but an idea that might work great is cut a rubber wedge to fit perfectly in that space bolting it directly to the fender
After mounting the fender you have two options: use a tj fender flare or modify the fender to accept a yj flare (or if your weird run no flares lol) I went the yj route. For the most part it’s just trial and error getting it on. You will need to trim the inner lip on the front of the flare all the way back 2in past the turn signal so it will mount flush against the fender. A 1 1/8 diameter hole will have to be drilled for the turn signal.
I recommended getting all the tj components that mount to the fenders so that they’ll fit without much problem. The tj battery tray sits a lot lower in the engine bay and it could affect the placement of the fuse box. I decided to adapt the tj fuse box holder to hold the yjs fuse box. This will require that the cable running from the fuse box to the positive battery terminal and all the wires running to the fuse box be lengthened. Here’s a list of some of the things you can pull from a tj to use:
Air filter box
Passenger side reinforcement w/ battery tray
Windshield washer reservoir
*coolant reservoir
The coolant reservoir on the tj is designed to mount on the radiator support there the yjs power steering fluid reservoir is
Over all I’d say that this is one of my favorite projects that I’ve done in a while and I love the look of the tj turn signals beside those square headlights! I might try converting the yjs own turn signals into fog lights so if anyone has any ideas then fire away. If anyone wants more pics just ask!

Happy jeepin.


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