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Rear diff component identification assistance

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This is my first post. If possible I would appreciate clarifying and identifying the inner components of my rear diff before i move forward posting another thread regarding an issue I am having. Please see pics.

Ring gear reflects G7 D35-456 I cannot verify Brand online. Can only note Dana35 (D35), 456 (4.56 gear ratio?). Not sure of manufacturer?

Is this a decent option/combination with the Amc 2.5l i4/AX5/NP231/D35c ....I have read that the Dana 35c isn't very reliable)?

Is the center box looking mechanism an LSD limited slip diff (called a lunchbox?). An Eaton Detroit locker? Having issues identifying specifics/manufacturer/type given the stamped P7 DCY I see on it.

Please note the pic where I am pointing at the gap on the right side, while the left side there isn't this the typical position. With the tcase and trannie in neutral I can rotate the driver side rear tire fwd or bwd and it clicks. While doing the same and looking at the diff, the left half stays "locked together", the right side separates and the left side of the right half turns while what appears to be the tip of the right axle does not. Trying to determine typical function. The passenger wheel will not turn fwd at all and requires force to barely turn bed.

So basically if you can help me identify what I have so I can research, as well as possibly enlighten me of expected functionality of the component I would appreciate it.

Very much appreciated guys. Look forward to future jeep chat and education.


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