PLEASE HELP!!! Horrendously loud squealing, grinding, crunching and clunking noise!! Jeep Registry
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PLEASE HELP!!! Horrendously loud squealing, grinding, crunching and clunking noise!!

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Hello all I have a 95 yj, it has had some issues in the past especially shortly after I got it. I had the the rear axle lock up on me less than a mile from my house at 3 am about 6 months after getting it (back in like 2017) however she has been for the most part running pretty decent for the most part. I will admit until recently I have done very little in the form of preventive maintenance to keep it running, usually I just fix the issue as it comes up. About a month ago I started to notice a subtle noise of grinding and popping from the front, looked under the hood found that the black fan shroud lost its bolts from the radiator and was essentially being shredded by the fan. So I got that hung back up thinking it squared away my issues. Well seeing as I am on here for help obviously it didn't, I have a work car that I use from Monday-Friday at around 10 am to 8 or 9 pm, so the jeep sits during the week and only gets used on the weekends and even then I don't usually go but a couple of miles at most from the house. Well over the past month the noises have been getting progressively worse. I have a video I took last night (31 Jan 2020) just going to the gas station 3 streets away from my house not even two minutes drive. While driving it last night it started making a clunking noise that felt like it was hitting the under side of the floor boards, as well as a loud grinding and crunching noises, and the occasional (but loud) squealing noise as if my jeep was in the movie Deliverance. Lol the squealing just started yesterday and it sounds the worst when accelerating, but it will continue even when slowing down, and it also makes it after I put it in 4x4. I have greased all the points I could find, I checked and put fluids in the front diff. As well as checking to see if there is anything under that is visibly causing the issues but due to the fact that normally I am checking it at night I can't find anything really.

Thank you all in advance for any advice and suggestions you have. I will be sure to look into them.
Greg Leasure

P.s. hopefully this link works, it is for google drive. However should it not pm me with a form of contact info and I'll send it that way. It's late I have had very little sleep the past couple of days and am going to bed. Will check back later


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