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hello everyone, i have lived in Germany now for several years. Grew up in Houston, raised under the roof of two working parents, finished high school, started Jr College (1.5yrs). Worked for my father (automatic trans service) until , hired by telephone company (Data Communication Installation for 6.5 yrs.) until hired by oil company(technical services 29.5 yrs). Retired in 2010, took a few odd jobs around Ft. Worth TX. Moved to Germany with wife in 2013. I have two children in the states.

In Feb 2021 I purchased a '93 YJ which i am currently trying to get ready for the German Main Inspection.. to prove it's road worthiness and safety. The jeep has a Suspension and Body lift kit along with a CJ front body (hood, fenders and grill. It has a 4.0 motor, 32RH automatic, NP321 tc, Dana 30 front with disc brakes and Dana 35 rear with drum brakes. Both axles have 3.07 ratio gears. I has a relatively new complete softtop

The problems which the German inspection will not accept and what I am working to correct:
1) the most rear freeze plug on the drivers side is leaking. I have ordered 10 brass plugs from the US. Due anytime
2) the 2 short front axles right side have been replaced with a long axle but the intermediate seal was left in and no differential seal was installed to seal the machined surface on the long axle. So there was a leak at right front axle. I found a video by BlippinJeep explaining what seals are required. I have determined the size and ordered a couple sets here in Germany.
3) the tires are Mud T/As BFG 35x12.5 on mickey Thompson wheels. And Yes with 3.07 ratio diffs,,, OMG!
But the problem with 35s is that the flares do not cover the threads, so I purchased some 7" (17.5 cm) flares for a TJ and contemplate either installing them (with cutouts) or simply purchasing new tires and wheels on 9.5" rims.
4) nothing to catch water overflow from radiator.

things that I don't like:
1) Carpet is installed but I don't like it. The inside and outside body has been painted with thick paint that will slow down any potential rust. So I think, simply really good rubber mats and maybe a carpeted tunnel up front.
2) Softtop hangs over both sides of the windshield about 2 inches. It seems there should be something to fasten it to the sides of the windshield. Is this the wrong top or wrong windshield ???

Any suggestions are welcomed...


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