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New '89 seems to wind out the trans

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I have just gotten this 89, 4.0 Injected ('92), 5spd manual, on 3.5" over-leaf lift on 35" Super Swampers. My current issue is that when i shift into 5th, it sounds like something is "singing". What i mean is it kinda sounds like a loose bearing or ring spinning around loosely. The rpm is around 1800, mph is around 45 (speedo says around 60+) has power (not slipping) but due to unbalanced big azz tires, i cant go faster than oh..50 or so before it starts to bounce around. It almost sounds like the trans(?) Is winding out too, very torquey. The rear end has a "Solid" dif cover, i have no idea whats inside.


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