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Figured there are plenty of build threads, so why not one more? I bought a 1994 YJ for $3200. Has the 2.5L and a 5 speed standard transmission. Its been about 2 weeks and ive decided its my new baby. Its my first jeep so im pretty new to all this so bear with me. Ive been a big truck kind of guy all my life but ive always had a thing for jeeps, kinda like a forbiden love. So far ive only done what i do to every new vehicle plus a little bit of corrective maintenance. Oil change, air filter change, spark plug and plug wire change, put mossy oak seat covers on the front seats to cover the rips in the drivers seat. I also swapped out the starter because the motor wouldnt turn over. Turned out to be the ignition switch, but i didnt feel like pulling the steering column apart so i just put in a push button start instead. Next im going to replace the serpentine belt(which i already have) and then put 4.0 throttle body on it, after i figure out which year will work. Its gonna be slow since i dont have too much cash to put into it, but slow and steady wins the race right?

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