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Cannot get brakes to work!

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Hey everybody could really use some Jeep YJ experts help on this on, I have a 88 YJ, I just swapped to a AX15 and while I was at it I replaced the Brake master cylinder because you’d have to pump the brakes to stop.. I went ahead and replaced the front brake pads also,
I very carefully bench bled the MC for a solid 30 minutes before install, but I have been bleeding and bleeding the brakes with no luck (BTW second brand new MC) the rear drum brakes seem to be fully bled, but the front will not bleed. I made a self bleeder with a clear hose and a plastic bottle with a little fluid in it to keep the air from going back in, I have put a solid 6 big bottles of brake fluid through it, and still air coming out of front driver and passenger sides. I have checked the hard and rubber lines and
they seem to not be leaking. One thing odd I found was after multiple bottles of brake fluid I got angry and stomped the pedal, now pitch black dark fluid comes out of only the driver side front which confused me because of how much brand new fluid I have put through the system, I’m at a total loss any help would be appreciated!!


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