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Ac causing Jeep to overheat?

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Hey I got a 1995 4.0l auto and I just got the ac working after couple years of it not running. It was 118 out today and had the ac on max was just idling for about 10 ish minutes and went to leave work and saw my gauge was in the red as soon as traffic started moving the jeep died and I coasted it into a parking lot it. Damn thing was definitely hot but I’ve known these things had cooling issues. I’ve gone wheeling before no issue once does the ac just cause that much strain on the cooling system I just have the oem mopar radiator and Mechanical fan. Any input on what it might be? I am going to do a coolant flush see if it helps. Jeep just usually run 205-210 and to fluctuate all the way to where my car dies I just found it odd. - Jeeps mostly stock could it be maybe the fan starting to go?


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