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95 8.8 swap and waggy springs Q’s

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Clint S
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Alright, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on here.. my Jeep has been a decent ride the last year (SOA, 35 swappers, spartans front and rear on the 35/30 combo).. but I picked up an 8.8 with the lsd and 4:10’s, to match my front, (I am going to get 37s and will later go to 4:56’s and maybe a locker).

So my question is mainly about the waggy springs. I want to stretch the jeep to a wheelbase of 96-98”. I understand the front Wagoneer springs give a 2” stretch and about a 2” lift. I like the stretch but not sure I want to go higher on the lift. It’s also impossible to find Wagoneer springs around me (central Florida).

What exactly is needed to run the Wagoneer springs? Just as simple as swapping them out?
Also since I can’t find any, anywhere, what other alternatives do I have? The offset spring perches? Buy new springs? If new, which ones. I’m not doing xj springs fyi.

Will I need new drive shafts? for front or rear or both? I am in the process of making up an anti wrap bar for the rear, maybe for the front too.. might do a lower 2 link setup for the front and back haven’t decided.

My Jeep is a 95, 4.0, 5 speed, SoA with high steer, locked d30, lsd 8.8 (installing).

I primarily run the trails, mud and swamp, occasionally hit a Jeep park with obstacles.


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