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94 2.5 problems

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I have a 1994 Wrangler with the 2.5. I have recently rebuilt the engine and got it running and actually let it run for 30 minutes the other day. I did have problems with the map sensor not letting it stay running. I was getting codes 13 & 14 so I go to test the sensor and it checked fine so I tried starting it and it fired right up and that’s when it ran for 30 min.

So the next day after work I wanted to start it up to let it run some more before I take for the first drive. Now I’m getting codes 24, 13, & 14. It will start up right away and the rpm surges or pulsates until it just kills itself. I tested the tps(24) and I’m getting .76 volts at idle and 3.8 at wot so that should be fine. I started it back up and it seemed to run a little better but still surging. I checked the codes after that and I got 12 24 24 14 13 55.

Why would I get 24 twice? Also I replaced these sensors before I rebuilt it.

Sorry for such a long post but just want to make sure I give enough info. Let me know if I left something out.



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