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92 braindead yj with two short of a six-pack ..

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I've gone off the deep end with ecu refurbished bs .. warrantys are a joke price while isn't funny is even worse. So I refuse to buy a 3rd cardone unit . Here's where I'm at I've recently acquired an ecu from a 91 dokota which had I done a little more research I would have caught it being for a tbi instead of the mpi I have ..anywAy I plugged in to the dokota box and was excited to see the asd and fuel pump spring to life so I crank it over and almost starts . Sounds like might have set distributor a tooth or more off but now I'm surging with hope after a summer of shading my grass it's showing some kind of life so I thought hey I'll unplug the injectors and throw on a Webber I've had kicking around . Make a adapter plate to throttle body mount and start to install when nope ain't gonna fit. Brake booster is 1/2" to big.seriously? Ok next plan .. I got it I'll just try to batch fire my mpi ..so I run the tbi ground to the 4 mpi ground ..crank it over and ............over and...over and it starts ..and runs.. if by starts and runs we mean look it's moving pistons with out the starter ..pretty sure it's getting more fuel than the space shuttle during liftoff but it's a start maybe.. so here's my delima . What affordable options do I have to get this thing off my grass. Can I use a ecu from another vehicle. Can I use this tbi ecu to run my mpi. Should I go get a tbi that'll fit my mpi manifold . Can I somehow tape an injector to my throttle body and make it tbi? I don't dare Rd read this as I'm sure I sound like some lunatic that whines alot but for real there's away there hAs to be ..point me in the right direction before I start to resent my Jeep ..


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