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1993 YJ no spark

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1993 TJ wrangler, 4.0l 5 speed. Hasn’t run since 2011 as far as i can tell. Replaced plugs, wires, cap, rotor, ignition coil. Tested crank sensor, tested fine. Had it running a couple days ago.

Essentially you’d crank it over and stop a couple times with no spark (had a spark tester on it the whole time). After 3-4 times doing that the fuse box would start rapidly clicking like one of the relays was having a fit, the next time cranking it would start and run great.

Now it wont run at all. Tried getting a new relay and swapping it in one at a time to see if i had a bad one but no dice there. Still cranks just fine, new battery. Tested all fuses with an ohm meter, all good there. Cleaned and greased all applicable electrical connectors.

I’m at a complete loss on this one. The whole fuse box clicking thing has thrown me for a loop, im out of ideas. Thinking maybe the pickup coil or the distributor went? That or ive got some major wiring issues somewhere in the harness. Not terribly familiar with the YJ’s tho so I could be missing something obvious, more of a TJ guy here. Any advice would be appreciated, could also use decent wiring schematics for the starting and ignition systems on this rig if anyone has them that would help a ton, thanks in advance!


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