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1992 5 speed 2.5l bucking

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So I bought this ole girl about 6 months ago. It has 30k miles on it but it was a hard beating 30k miles. It’s bone stock and I am currently replacing almost everything I can. Engine was running great till now.
I have replaced all items listed below
Wires and plugs
Power steering pump
Radiator and all hoses
Shocks and struts
Brake drum internals and outer shell
Brake pads
Brake booster
Master cylinder

My brake light randomly comes on and I have bleed the system multiple times. It’s very
spur-attic and when it does it seems to make one of my brakes stay engaged because my car won’t roll on a slight hill like normal. Today I started it and went to turn onto main road and I hit the gas and it started to buck. First instinct was I have no power. But looking at the dash my rpms never moved an inch. If I at 2k it stayed at 2k the whole timing it was bucking.
So to me it doesn’t seem to be slipping gears or misfiring. Any ideas?


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