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Engine:AMC 360


Transfer Case:Dana 20

Front Axle:Dana 30 NT

Rear Axle:Dana 44 NT

Axle Gear Ratio:4.09



Armor:Weight Reduction

Recovery Gear:Warn 8375

Accessories:ARB lockers front and rear

I bought this one in January. I've been spending some time going through all of it:

* New Painless wiring harness, since the wiring was pretty horrible. Many wires were spliced with wire nuts and no wire looms or other protection under the hood.
* New twin stick setup from JB fab -- previous twin stick had an extra lever on the rear control, so 4wd would always have one stick forward and the other aft.
* Reverse switch on T18 disintegrated upon removal (reverse lights didn't work). Replaced.
* 4th gear switch on T18 was missing, spewing gear oil out the top. Replaced with a plug.
* Installed proper speedo gear for my tires and gear ratio
* Trans mount bolts were loose. Replaced mount and torque bar.
* Rear diff was full of water -- vent tube on D44 was missing. Replaced
* Rear main seal leak -- replaced seal and oil pan gasket. Bearing on rear main looked good.
* Fuel/temp gauges not working. Replaced fuel gauge and working on getting new temp gauge to work with 5v buck converter.
* Oil pressure gauge was not working -- replaced sending unit.
* High beams did not work -- replaced floor switch.
* Front e-brake cable was broken at the threads. Replaced.
* Heater fan blades were broken, causing loud noise on Hi. Replaced blades.
* Oil filter was way too tight. Filter wrench barely got it off. Replaced w/ oil change
* Reverse light bulbs were missing, and rear tail light had foil inside for reflectivity. Replaced with LED unit.
* Replaced all exterior indicators with LEDs and proper grounded flashers.
* Turn stops on the dana 30 were missing. Added them back and adjusted for my tire size and lift.
* Rear wheel wells were rusted through under the roll bar mount. Patched and painted over.
* Wrong fuel pressure regulator for return fuel line. Replaced with a Holley FPR and fixed the rich mixture.


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