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Transfer Case:D-300

Front Axle:Dana 30

Rear Axle:Dana 44

Suspension:Stock for now



Future Modifications:4" lift, bumpers, winch, and a few other things.

I've been wanting to get into four wheeling for some time now, and had been looking for a Jeep. Well, yesterday, August 30, 2020, I came across what I perceive as a good project CJ7 Jeep and picked it up. The suspension is stock, but I am hoping to get a 4" lift to fit a 33" tire. While I am at it, I plan to go through the brakes and fuel system (Was sitting for a while).

Being new to Jeeps and four wheeling, I hope to gather enough information and advice to go out and have some fun.


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View Cpowell's Jeep
09-13-2020, 12:53 AM
JEEP=Just Empty Every Pocket! Welcome to the joy and agony of Jeep ownership. Lol


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View jordan89oak's Jeep
09-19-2020, 09:57 PM
Thank you. Coming from the muscle car world, the Jeep world is completely new to me. I had been wanting to try a bit of off-roading for a while, and have had my eyes on Jeeps, and it finally happened. I am still working a few things out with this Jeep. I have already performed the "Nutter bypass" on it, but left things looking as close to original (I'm in California). The Jeep idles SO MUCH smoother now, but there is still some hesitation when I try to accelerate. I seem to have a rich fuel mixture, as the new spark plugs are getting fowled and the strong exhaust smell. You'll be seeing a lot of questions from me in the forums. Thank you once again!

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View Cpowell's Jeep
09-20-2020, 11:20 AM
I got tired of carb and spark issues. I was just going to put a 4.0 head and fuel in jection but found a deal and just dropped a 2004 Rubicon 4.0 in mine. I have a granny gear T18 4 speedand Dana 300. I am making a pattern to weld up an aluminum tank to increase capacity over the 15 gallons. Your CJ pick up tube doesnt go anywhere near the bottom of the tank. My tank was wasted and needed replacing. I discovered during this process at least 2 gallons is unuseable. I just put an intank pump in mine which does reach the bottom. See pictures for comparison. I would look at adding some fuel line to extend the pickup tube if i was still using the stock pickup. I know I can get 22 gallons easily in the space. I fit a YJ pump to a new tank and modified the sender to work with the CJ gauge. See pics

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