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I bought this baby a couple years ago... I bought from a guy that acquired it. He zero info on what the donor vehicles were for the axles, hydro boost, or engine (AMC401) came from.

With that said, the front axle - as best I can tell - came from a mid 80’s C1500. The rear is an EB 9”. IT HAD 3” SPACERS! The tranny was a T5 and it’s got a twin stick Dana 300.

Right rear brake cylinder exploded and instead of upgrading the brakes I decided to put an F150 9” under it since I have a geared & locked chunk.

Quadrajet came out of a 60’s Caddy, and is designed for a divorced choke. No choke on it and nowhere to mount one on the Offenhauser manifold. Currently trying to rig up a manual choke now.

I’m not trying to complain, only letting y’all know that I’m feeling the pain of a typical Jeep owner. I had mildly built an 89 YJ but it was totaled and I parted out what was left.


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