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1985 Jeep CJ7 Renegade

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4.2L manual, mostly stock from what I can tell. It has had a hack job replacement used engine swap, vacuum lines yanked everywhere and some rerouted incorrectly. Just bought it not running, it had been sitting in a garage for 10 years. After digging through a fuel delivery issue that led me to find the deteriorated fuel pickup line in the newer poly tank and replacing the master cylinder and brake bleed, I'm currently working on addressing vaccuum lines while preventing leaks- and to find a source of vaccuum that the distributor likes... Straight off the manifold maxes out the advance and I have cylinders missing and messing with dialing in idle. If I pull the line and plug the manifold, it runs great. Timing is good. But I digress.😆 I've been pouring through so many posts to dig up very helpful information and I am very grateful for everyone's knowledge sharing and this site. It has given me new ideas to diagnose and has helped me from getting stumped. Thanks! As the pics show, I've got a lot of body work to do. Or I can keep as is, and Fred Flintstone my way home if I have engine issues. 😆 Now if the weather didn't decide to dip into late October temps, I could rip off the top and doors and take her for her first proper spin in 10 years. Fuel sending unit comes in the mail today, I don't think I'll get too far with my auxillary gas tank from a lawn tractor tied to the passenger mirror, line sneaked under the hood, gravity feeding to the filter. 😆


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