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I have a 1975 Dj5d-d. I bought it about a year ago when a friend saw it sitting. I had a mechanic to work on it, so I could focus on the look, and body of it. All that was initially wrong (so I thought) was it needed new breaks Well......
14 mechanics later, I finally found someone to fix the break lines, and cylinders? He then had to rebuild the carb, and I got to bring it home!
Iím now learning things for myself, so I can count on MYSELF to fix it. Iím very smart, but have not been educated in vehicles. I replaced the fuel line, fixed the speedometer, took out the alternator to have it tested, fixed the negative battery cable, as well as a new battery and new connectors. I also replaced a wire connected to the starter, since it was corroded.

He mostly starts on his own, but something is draining the battery. Iíve been looking at the ignition switch to understand what Iím looking at.. I noticed a few wires were snipped. And three wires are not connected, and look like they should be.
Iím not sure if this was on purpose by the PO, or if my ďfirst mechanicĒ cut wires because he knew I didnít know what I was looking at. When getting the Jeep started initially, and liquids all filled, we found some wires that had been disconnected or cut, for vendetta... so Iím currently trying to figure out the wires coming from the Ignition switch... thereís like, 12? Where do they go?! Does anyone have any correct schematics?! All the ones I find only show 2-4 wires, not 10-12


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