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2006 Liberty A/C not blowing cold

After my daughter's 1998 Grand Cherokee's engine fried a year ago, she drove a beater, and a couple of days ago we bought a 2006 Liberty.

The A/C won't blow cold. The prior owner said that they had to charge the system a couple times a Summer, so i went to check the charge.

It was severely over-charged (The gage on the can of "A/C PRO" refrigerant showed nearly 150psi) and the compressor clutch was not actuating.

I bled off some of the pressure. Now the compressor clutches.

When the clutch engages and the compressor is spinning, the pressure drops to about 20psi (white zone).

When the compressor is not spinning, the pressure goes up to about 60psi (yellow zone).

It was consistently switching on and off every 4 or 5 seconds.

The low pressure tube was pretty cool, perhaps cold, but not freezing (outside temperature was in the low 70's) and the high pressure metal tube was getting between warm and hot. Yet inside the vehicle, the air blowing was not cold.

Can anyone lend some ideas as to what might be going on please?

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To date, the only response, if we should call it as such, to my request for help, has been a pm from "Heather208" that reads:

Hello! I really like to be photographed naked and show pictures to men. Do you want to see me without clothes? Just register and go to my profile on the site (link to the site was here) I'll be waiting for you, dear =)
I really had hoped that this was an active forum, for i depend on active forums to help guide me, and i enjoy posting back results & lessons learned for the next person who runs into trouble.

In the event that someone comes by this chain and does not have any need to contact Heather208, but instead wishes to work on their a/c, what i have learned is:

Working on a car's A/C is technically easy, the biggest issue is the mechanical aspect like getting to an item that might be inside the dashboard, if that comes into play.

Do NOT rely on those stupid low pressure gauges typically connected to cans if you don't have to. Run out (or online) to Harbor Freight and pick up a set for about $40 - $50 with their discount coupon. I found that exact set used in numerous YouTube videos by car repair people i have come to trust over the years.

If you want a vacuum pump, i must suggest to NOT get the Harbor Freight one, as the negative posts repeatedly cite the inability to pull sufficient vacuum to eliminate the possible water in the lines. Either borrow one from any major auto store loaner program or spend the money on a solid one - it appears that Home Depot has such, but i have yet to verify that.

The only other piece of equipment that you will be missing at that point, aside from regular tools, is a vampire - a unit to suck and recycle/properly dispose of the refrigerant in your lines. I am checking into who will do that at a reasonable price, but have not as of yet.

The following articles provided me with sufficient knowledge to feel comfortable with a vehicle's A/C system:
---Unfortunately, i do not have sufficient privileges to provide the links to the sites from which you can get an education to do this work (though, apparently, Heather208 does in pm's) so if you want the grouping i learned from, just pm me and perhaps i can get them through to you that way-

If i do stumble upon a forum that provides support in the future, i will also try to provide a link thereto. It appears that at some time this was a great forum, and i am seriously confused why after all this time good old "Heather208" was the only person to respond to me, but i guess i have to accept things as they are.

As to my subject vehicle from the original post, as i had already drained some of the pressure off prior to learning when i was working with just the can, i have to live with my mistake of not recovering the gas for recycling. I found that after that, the pressure, which is read when the compressor is NOT running (but the car is on, the a/c is on max and has been cycling and is warmed up a bit) was in fact a little low (from my draining), but worse, the constant switching on and off of the compressor every three to ten seconds signaled a problem. Sometimes this is caused by very low but workable pressure in the lines (by the articles that are not posted above, if the pressure is extremely low or non-existent, the low pressure switch should not even allow the compressor to cycle on. This is to prevent the compressor from destroying itself.), and i read that sometimes this happens in very hot weather (it was about 75 outside, so far from being very hot), so, noting comments, i chose to replace the "low pressure switch". When i first read that this could be a problem, i was completely lost, without a clue as to what one looked like or where to find it. Read the links (well, pm me...), it is ridiculously easy to find, and to diagnose it to a great extent, you un-clip it and gently shove a paperclip into it re-bent into a U shape to short it out, it should in that state remain on (normally the cycling should be a matter of minutes). Big deal... Anyway, i got one from a local auto parts store for $19 and change, replaced it, used my nice new gauge set to accurately recharge the system, and the car's a/c is great now.

One tip with replacing a pressure switch - there is an "O" ring on the post it threads onto - grease the threads so a little slides over the "O" ring; otherwise, screwing on the new switch tends to mutilate the "O"ring, which is what i would call a "bad" thing...
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