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Corabeth007 06-10-2021 10:00 PM

Blend door actuator?? (P.S.- I hate you, Google)
2005 3.7L Liberty- Not sure if these two issues are related but both concern my AC and that’s the MOST IMPORTANT PART of my car!! I replaced the blower motor about a year ago when ac would only blow cold on full blast. Have had no issues at all with cold AC since. I live in the tropics and could care less about heat. Have never turned it on and probably never will. About a month ago, now I will occasionally hear a knocking/machine like sound when I turn the engine off. It sounds to me like this “if you were trying to adjust your automatic side mirror but something was hitting it”. Weird example, I know....that’s just about as descriptive I can be. It only comes from the passenger side. The first night I heard it, I thought for sure my kid left a toy in my car and it was weirding out. My ONLY concern is that my AC will die. Should I be concerned? If the heater breaks, cool. But (maybe this is a stupid question) does that mean my AC breaks too? Also, I despise the fact that any piece of ANYTHING, much less an HVAC piece is called a “blend door.” I feel stupid every time I say “blend door” and STUPIDER (yes, stupidER) each time I type it. Been a bartender for 17 years so that might be affecting my ability to accept the fact that someone actually meant to say “blend door” and not “blender.” And in closing, (I promise this rambling nonsense WILL end) is Jeep the only car that needs like 986 “actuators?” There is LITERALLY an “actuator” for almost every single part.

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