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Engine:225 V 6 Dauntless

Transmission:3 spd

Transfer Case:4wd

Front Axle:unk

Rear Axle:unk

Axle Gear Ratio:unk




Armor:? no idea

Recovery Gear:none


Future Modifications:fix upholstery, add winch, front and rear tow bars

Is there a swap for the Rochester carb? Will a Chevy/Olds/Buick carb work?

New to jeeps. This 'beast' has been sitting since 1985. Mild rust outs in rear floor. Mild rust spots on body in various places.
1st thing I did was replace the starter.
2nd see if it cranked (it did)
3rd removed fuel lines and tank- replaced lines, cleaned tank.
4th replaced fuel pump with electric, proper psi hi/low
5th replaced distributor/coil.ground strap
tested electrics- no working lights as yet.
6th removed carb- looking for rebuilt or replacement ATM
-gotta find tires-de-rust, fiberglass rust throughs, paint as needed, replace shocks, bulbs, etc.
May have to change engine gaskets- will see.

Get it road worthy. I am in high mountains so it will be useful. I have noticed from forums the gas mileage sux- OK, didn't need a highway hog anyway.
Not an auto mechanic but I have replaced engines, clutches, etc. so I am not fearful- maybe a little over whelmed (at 70). Looking forward to 'the work'


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