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Hello Guys,
This is my very first thread so first of all 'Hello to everyone'

I have a Jeep Compass CDR 2.0 Limited with a diesel engine.
I have been having problems with my cruise control. I have a stick cruise control as opposed to a steering wheel button cruise control.
Basically when the engine is cold and I start the engine and drive away, I can normally switch on the cruise control by pressing the 'on' the cruise control becomes operational and I can 'set' the cruise to the desired speed and operate it as normal. After several minutes (maybe about 15 minutes) after the engine has warmed up the cruise control suddenly switches itself off and it will not switch back on unless the engine is cold.

I took my Jeep into a Jeep service centre who stuck an OBD diagnostics computer on the Jeep but this did not show any abnormalities, the service centre 'thinks' it could be the sensors inside the engine and wants to do a complete strip down of the engine to which I declined because I did not think it was that serious.

So my question is, could it be and does the cruise control on a Jeep Compass CDR 2.0 Limited diesel have a vacuum pipe that could be faulty and where exactly is it and how can I check the pipe?
Many thanks. Mark


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