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2011 Jeep compass Brake Light/Cruise Control

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Good evening Jeepers, knew to the group here and must say NOT a car guy. So let me give you the long story short.

Live in Newark, NJ and drove to FL yesterday. Alternator went out on the way in Savanah, GA. Got it changed and after thr engine light was on and so was the brake light. MAVIS (tire center) advised that they did not have the reading tool to cut it off. Advised me to go to Advance Auot and have them do it. When the hooked it up, this reading {see attached picture} this reading came up. Engine like went off but the Brake light continues to go on and off.

Additionally, cruise control is not working. 95% of the time, when I press it, it doesn't come. By chance I press it and it does come on and I am able to set it, it works.

And lastly, the gas petal feels "tight". It's hard to explain but feels like there is tention when I press the gas. I am driving back to NJ in a week and can't bare it without Cruise control. Can anyone advise me on what to do. And PLEASE break it down for a car dumby like me. Thanks


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