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Need help with lift

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Richmond Hill

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The shop I took my 05 sport too is making me mad I brought my truck in to get my kit installed to replace the damaged one that was on the truck when I bought it. It was already lifted but was in poor conditions. So I bought a whole new kit, new 4.10 gears and lockers. I dropped it off asked to have my parts installed and my bumpers trimmed so my 31's won't rub when steering.

The truck initially had 245/65r16 tires on it I swapped out for 31's on 15 in rims. I dropped the truck off 3 weeks ago. I went over today to see the progress and the truck was still in pieces gears not touched the mechanic asked if they called me in and I was like um no what's the problem now.

He says to me that the kit came with the wrong Springs and he had to stop working on it. So I was like what do you mean the wrong Springs I ordered a the correct stuff and he shows me one of the old Springs compared to the new one.

I was pissed because I then had to tell this guy that the truck already had a lift on it prior to me bringing it in and I was having a new kit put on because the majority of the original parts were broken or rusty I bought a new kit to just give it a overhaul that is why the springs were the same damn size!!!

Then the guy says well when he had everything together the wheels rubbed badly. I felt like choking him but held it in and said that's why you have to trim the bumper. At this point the guy said that he knew nothing about having to cut the bumpers nor was he informed that the truck had a lift prior either.

Anyhow now the guy is acting like they won't trim my bumpers they are supposed to finish installing my parts and then send it to a different shop to have my gears installed cause I don't trust them to mess with those now.

Does anyone here have a template for trimming the bumpers as my crippled butt is most likely going to have to trim them myself because of their idiots not doing the job I asked for. Sometimes being disabled really sucks!!!


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