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Hi...I have a 2002 Liberty Renegade 3.7 V6 in the Cactus Green I believe it's called. I LOVE IT. It even has a name...I call him Sherman because my dad would say he's built like a Sherman tank and the color and all...

My husband and I just put a bit of money into Sherman...only 104,350 miles and hardly any rust. He's in really good shape and now feels like new. I love this Jeep: we were ready to put in a new engine if necessary but it wasn't. I hope to have him around in 2022 for his 20th birthday, lol.

Did not buy him new....used with only about 45k miles but I don't think the owners drove this Jeep much in 12 years. Really bad heater core...all plugged up. My dad always told me you have to DRIVE A CAR. I kind of personalized him a little--i had my dad's WWII serial number made into a sticker and put it on both sides and his dog tags hang from the rearview mirror. So Sherman is a bit of a homage maybe...but just an awesome Jeep.


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