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Engine electrical issues

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I have a 04 liberty, I bought it with engine troubles, it runs, but very bad, I traced all the injectors and coil packs, they are all pulsing as they should, but when you unplug the injectors and coil packs on the passenger side of the motor there is no change in the engines idle, however when you unplug the drivers side injectors and coil packs individually the engine stumbles and ACTS like you unplugged a coil or injector, I assumed there was a head gasket or timing issue. So I removed the motor pulled the heads, had them rebuilt, replaced all the timing components and put it back in, only to have the exact same issue, I put a different computer in it out of a properly running vehicle, same thing, my question is this, is there a wire or module that tells the passenger side of the engine to fire and pulse the injectors? The coils and injectors pulse my probe light, but apparently something is a miss, any help would be appreciated! I'm about to roll it outta my garage and set it on fire 🤣🙈🔥🔥🔥 Thanks in advance


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