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Any mechanics please help

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I bought this Jeep (maybe regrettably) 03 liberty sport 2.4l manual. I'm only having 1 issue I'm hoping to get some recommendations on.
When I turn the vehicle on the dash lights up the window motors work the AC will also turn on but when I turn the ignition there's nothing. After a few times doing this it will usually start right up like nothing happened. Sometimes it will start the first try sometimes it takes a few or several attempts. Apparently someone else encountered this issue because the clutch safety switch has been bypassed unbenounced to me before purchasing. There's also a switch under the wheel that runs to the starter relay in the fuse box. This will make the car crank every time however occasionally it just cranks and doesn't start. A little messing with the key or the Jimmy rigged switch will always make it start but if anyone has a suggestion to make it start every time I'd really appreciate it. Perhaps new ignition switch or replace the relay? I plan on getting new relay and a tune up with new coil packs and I hope that will help but if anyone can give me some advice I'd love it very much thanks in advance


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