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Ive had this Jeep since 2011 and while it has been somewhat good to me I find it guzzled oil and there always seems to be a problem with it. Maybe I just have a lemon, or bad luck. But ive mainly joined to see if I could offer any help to Liberty owners if they have issues with their Jeep as I've had everything under the sun go wrong with mine. Sensors, oil consumption, etc.. Don't get the wrong idea though I love my Jeep. Its awesome and has gotten me through some tough spots. I may complain about it but heck its like a relationship. You fight, you fix it, and tomorrow its like everything is right with the world. Lol. But seriously I'm very happy with my Jeep. Not sure if its the humidity, hurricanes, or super heat but my baby always seems like it needs some work. But I guess thats the fun part of owning a pre-ownex vehicle. I look forward to meeting the rest of you and hearing advice as well as giving some of my own.


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