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I'm working on a friends jeep. Its 4x4 stock but he has removed the drive shaft so it no longer works as a 4x4.
With that said he let his ball joints go bad enough that the lower one on passenger side completely broke and separated the steering knuckle from the lower control arm. I went to change it today and noticed the axle shaft had slid out as well. I tried to push it back in place to attempt to remove the axle nut so I could separate the axle from steering knuckle to gain access to lower ball joint but the axle just spins freely so I cant loosen the axle nut to do all i need to.
How should i go about removing the axle shaft from the steering knuckle and hub unit?
By now I have completely removed the steering knuckle from upper control arm and tie rods as well and removed all of it as one piece.
Is there a way to drive it with out this axle shaft or will it need replacement as well once I separate it from the hub assembly?


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