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Problem jeep 3.0 crd

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Hello I have a problem with the jeep wh 3.0 crd, a turbulence engine failed me a month ago creating the code p2015y p1260, I put the resistance of 4.7kohm and all perfect until yesterday that the fuse 16 of 25a (COIL) burned, the car did not start and marked several codes p0638, p0243, p0489, p2009, b10b3, b10b7p0045, p0046, P0607, p0628, p0646 and p2264. Replace the fuse and all codes disappeared and I start perfectly but the p2015 code and the red lightning come out. I have put the resistance back and the red lightning no longer comes out and starts but the b10b3, b10b7 failures come out, b1138, p0046, p053b, p0628, p0646, p2264 and the a / c system does not work. Has anyone happened to me? Thanks


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