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Mary Anne's Jeep Cherokee Deisel

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Mary Anne Jeep
Petersham MA. 30 miles north of Worcester

Jeep Information



Engine:3.0L Mercedes CRD




Looking to sell. 204,000 Miles. Army Green metalic. All Original, loved, Leather interior, sunroof. Not limited so not bluetooth. Mostly has been in Florida. Great condition.
Was going cross country, had dealership go over before leaving. New filters, fluids, brakes, Tiger Tires. $2,000. Just about ready to go. Bill(S.O) came home and it was smoking. No lites. Turned off at home and wouldn't start.
Hold on, long story.

Took back to dealership, we thought needed new starter. Starter fried but not cause, said engine seized. It would rotate counter clock wise, only. We really ?'ed. Tried to sell with no working motor. Best Offer. A great mechanic, came over to make an offer. He ? if was alternator. Had seen this happen before. He asked if Ok to cut serpantene belt. We hesitated but OK. He cut and not seized. He saved my Jeep!, from needing new motor. We paid him, for time & help, was so kind, but now we wanted to keep. We had already purchased another vehicle.
Not over yet!!!!!!

Our friend wanted to buy it so paid to have all put back together.

New Starter, Alternator, Serpantene belt. $2,000. Got registered, title transfer, plates in MA. Was driving home registry and started bucking real bad, almost died but then straightened out. Engine light on. Went to Auto Store for Computer code check. P1451 & 1452. ? Deisel particulate filter. Could need catalytic converter??? He asked for money back so we gave back. It had Florda registration. Now has MA. Which will need inspection and will not pass.

Anyone familiar with anything like this???? This is not a scrapper, however, financially it is.

Enlighten me if you can. Looking for an answer beside towing back to Florida when we return. Maybe it will drive there. Will be driving more to see if maybe ran badly to get rid of carbon? Now OK??? Wishful thinking.
I still love this Jeep. Always made it home.

Mary Anne's Jeep
Advise, Offers?


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Registered User
View Trotineta's Jeep
09-15-2021, 02:07 PM
DPF filter

Try a DPF regeneration by letting the car running for 4h.
Try it after by resetting the codes.
Read the codes after the rest and if you get a P0049 try to replace the solenoid actuator to see if it fixes the problem.
It is around $65 on
I hope it helps.

Mary Anne Jeep
View MaryAnneForgues's Jeep
09-16-2021, 07:31 PM
Re: Mary Anne's Jeep Cherokee
Thank You so much for your suggestion. If engine lite is off it is reset. Right? Will run for 4 hours, turn off. Restart if engine light is back on, recheck code. If the code you described comes up will get selinoid you mentioned.

Thank You so much, just hoping something simple this time. Just have taken for quick rides and all good. Hope the rough riding was the last(maybe regenerated then?) for a while.
Will let you know,
Mary Anne & Bill

Mary Anne Jeep
View MaryAnneForgues's Jeep
09-19-2021, 11:28 AM
Mary Anne's Jeep Cherokee Deisel
We had been reading here and there DPF code may just need to be regenerated. Others said may need new Catalitic converter.

Evidently when we first set out after all the part replacements, when it ran real ruff, that may have been the regeneration.
We listened to Trotinetta, ran for 4 hours. It had been reset. The engine light still has not come on. Knock on wood but believe it is A OK.

For Sale

2008 Jeep Cherokee 3.0L Deisel in real good condition, lots $4,000. of new parts will be for sale.
204,000 miles. Will post pictures next.
$6,500. or best offer in MA. Mostly was in Florida, no real rust.

Thank You all

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