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Electronic issue in 2005

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I recently bought a 2005 Jeep grand Cherokee limited and have had some issues. But while some needed fixed there has been 1 that has really been bugging me. So it seems that there are issues with all the cars electronics. For instance when driving or parked when i hit 1 of the over head lights it will work fine, but when hit 2 of the lights they both become extremely dim. And it continues to dim all the way to just being off completely when i turn on the rear lights and trunk lights. And the over head wont turn on at all if a door is open due to the lights in the divers and passenger seat lights being on. But while that is just an annoying issue i have another more major issue. Only during night time if i have the interior lights on( radio/dashboard not the over head lights) if i open and close any door thr car will read it as being open and will keep the floor lights on and will not lock the doors which is a safety issue. But if i turn the interior light knob on the turn signal pole, if i turn them completely off then on again it resets the door sensors and they come up as being closed. As far as i can tell there are no fuses blown anywhere. If anyone has any clue what the issue might be it would be much appreciated. Also if it is an issue of the lights drawing to much power could a switch to led interior lights fix my issue.


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