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3.0 crd low fuel rail pressure

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I have a 2006 Grand Cherokee , it starts first turn of the key, ticks over excellent, no black smoke, but as you drive it and get to around 2000rpm the engine management light appears along with the lightning bolt, if you don’t try accelerating to hard it’s drivable, but put your foot down and it cuts out, it restarts instantly but you are in limp mode, the code it throws is P0087, low fuel rail pressure, in a bid to resolve the problem the fuel filter has been replaced, the pressure sensor on the fuel rail replaced, the fuel pressure regulator replaced, one injector was showing a little too much over correction so all six replaced, a recon high pressure pump fitted, even the in tank pump replaced, no leaks on the fuel lines inside the tank is spotless, so it’s looking as if it’s a wiring fault, does anyone have any ideas as to where to start looking and which pins on the ECU I should be checking please unless you have had this problem and found a cure, thanks in advance for any pointers given , Tony


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