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2014 WK2 White Limited

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Will add photos later.

Just added a post about black nav screen shuting of intermittently. Comes back on after about 30 secs to 2 mins. Looks like i will have change screen unless someone else has any good news.

Besides that everything is good. 20' stock wheels so I added 1.5" wheel spacers to bring out for wider stance.
Just got new tires from mine being stolen, so want to use before upgrading tires.

67,XXX miles so far so good. I have had multiple Cherokees years ago with the straight 4.0 six. Great Jeeps!

Had 200K before they were retired hoping whitey does the same.

Next mods are 2" leveling kit, roof rails, and tinting front windows to complete what factory tint didn't do. [emoji1360]


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