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2005 Hemi transmission fluid Contamination

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I cannot figure this out... I recently purchased a 2005 wk, with the 5.7. The motor and trans was replaced around 2017. In 2018 the previous owner had the transmission replaced a second time under warranty. When they replaced it the second time they installed an aftermarket trans cooler, And new trans lines . They advised the previous owner that there was a cooling problem that would need to be addressed . It appears the owners way of addressing it was filling it with mass amount of bars leak type fluid. I bought the Jeep a few months later unbeknownst to me of the ongoing cooling issues he had. The Jeep felt like it was running way hot.. but never showed as overheating on the gauge. I replaced the temp sensor.. no change. I took it to the dealer and asked them to diagnose the cooling system. They told me initially the tranny fluid was aerated , then told me there was coolant in the trans. Perplexed as to why why they came to this conclusion when the transcooler .. stock is not ran through the radiator but the AC condenser. However since the aftermarket one was installed should mean the trans fluid has no possible way to cross contaminate with coolant? What am I missing? I replaced my radiator , thermostat, hoses and heater core, had both the trans and cooling system flushed for the 4th time in last 800 miles or so since the transmission was replaced initially. It’s been two days since I finished the radiator swap, Jeep hasn’t overheated.. I checkEd my fluid.. and what do you Know.... strawberry milkshake fluid.. what in the world is going on? Where is the contamination coming from? Any thoughts , I’m planning to have the contaminated fluid tested to find out exactly what it is that is contaminating it.. what besides coolant would cause the milky appearance? Transfer case ?


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