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Hi Guys!

I just bought a WJ last weekend for $300 bucks. Needs a new transmission, but the PO sold it to me with a replacement trans and tcase. So I just need some sweat equity and I’ll be there.
I’ve never owned a WJ before—some XJs and a Renegade—but never a WJ. PO just bought a truck instead and didn’t want a project car.
PO bought it with a 3” lift, 31.6” tires, roof rack and a ton of tint work. Has the 4.0 with the 42RE. I believe it has the 242 tcase.

So I guess my question is this…

I’m thinking of being lazy and just not adding any further modifications, but I haven’t been off road with it yet. I am not into heavy duty crawling, but I like going places that I wouldn’t have been able to go without a 4x4. Pretty much anything doable with a 4wheeler (within reason) is what I want to be able to do. Can I leave ‘er be? My original plan was to build up my ‘92 Isuzu Rodeo, but I couldn’t say no to such a cheap rig, with more aftermarket support than a Rodeo. It already has bigger tires and lift, and I wouldn’t feel bad if I rolled it or blew it up.
But, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check with the hive mind of the internet before I did so.


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