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Model:Grand Cherokee



Hey Ya'll! Bought this Jeep as a new daily driver to save on gas and to be able to park my truck to finish restoring it. Didn't do my diligence in looking it over completely before buying and took the seller as being a credible guy. After buying I discovered that at least the head gasket was blown and letting oil into coolant, and possibly the head was bad. I read about the heads on these and went ahead and bought new head for it. Then I learned later on not to use scotch bright pads to clean up gasket and carbon on an assembled motor. So long story short, I've pulled the motor and have begun a complete rebuild. I've been wrenching and fixing my own vehicles for as long as I've been driving, but so far, this has been a learning experience for me in more than one way.


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06-02-2020, 09:49 PM
I just finished doing a rebuild myself. If you have any questions let me know. Theres some videos on the net saying to torque down the main girdle bolts to 25 ft/lbs then 75° this is NOT correct! It is 25 inch/lbs. Also there is another video on youtube who says if you dont have a angle torque gauge to just use 80ft pounds. This is also not correct. I snapped a bolt in the block because of this advice. Also you can re-use the girdle bolts on the block according to the FSM. I would use new rod bolts and head bolts tho. I have 500k on my engine now and so far so good. Good luck

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