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Strange clunking under drivers side floor board

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Go easy on me this is my first post as I just joined a few days ago. I'm pulling out the big guns (the knowledge of jeepforum users! Lol).. So for the past week or so, I've noticed a weird clunking/knocking noise that I can also feel in the driver's side floor board (haven't had passengers lately so I don't know if it can be felt on the passenger side also). It seems to only do it when I'm turning left at a moderate speed and/or heavy accelerating from a dead stop. I figured it was maybe my front drive shaft as the cv joint on the TC side is shot. Nope. Still does it. I'm hoping one of you guys have dealt with this before and can point me in the right direction... I know it doesn't help, but I bought this jeep used and it's RUSTY on the bottom as well as all the rubber bushings being very dry; basically shot as well BUT it just started doing this so maybe all the bushings and whatnot still have life left in them (or maybe not)


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