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Steering Damper Installation Issue

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Hey there, I bought and installed a new monroe stabilizer last night. The issue is that on the axle side I accidentally over torqued the bolt. I was installing it in bad lighting conditions and was only relying on my torque wrench. I think l I got to 60 ft lbs and stopped. I looked at the bushing and the bracket and they looked severely overtightened. I thought somehow my wrench got out of spec and needed calibrating. After I got the other side hooked up, I realized that I had cleaned the bolt with WD40 which probably threw the torque spec off since 65 ft lbs is the dry torque rating. So I backed off the bolt and torqued it to about 44ft lbs instead. Look at the before and after pics.

My questions are: 1) Can I leave it like this or should I take it off and try to somehow reshape the bracket back to where it used to be? 2) Will leaving it like this affect the performance at all?Attachment 3906589Attachment 3906587


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