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Lone Grove

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Model:Grand Cherokee Overland



Suspension:R/C 4" lift #698.20

Tires:Hankook Dynapro AT2 265 70/17


I have racked my brain for weeks. I hope y'all can help. I recently had a rough country 4" lift installed on my 2002 wj and since then it road walks terribly and the front third member started howling.
had two different shops do an alignment with very little improvement. I eye balled the front suspension and you can visibly see that the upper ball joints are an inch and 3/4 to 2 inches behind the lower (creating a baaaad caster problem). All steering and suspension parts are new, lower control arms came with the kit and the upper are new oe arms from my job (NAPA). I called R/C and verified the length on the upper , being 17.5. Got replacement uppers to make sure they were not misboxed , they were not. If anyone has any ideas I really would appreciate it! Thanks , Tim


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View Mattyjm's Jeep
07-22-2019, 10:36 AM
I can't believe you're on a 4" RC lift and OEM upper control arms. I'd think you'd need adjustables in that position.

And, also, what is the front third member that is howling?


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View LuthWJ77's Jeep
07-22-2019, 11:15 AM
4" lift on a WJ without dropping the trans is known to put front driveshaft joints in a bind. Probably what you're hearing up front. Either need to drop it some or replace with double cardan style. I have a 4" IRO with 1" trans drop, replaced both joints on the DS and it's fine. As Matty JM suggested, I think you need adjustable control arms at that length. My IRO long arm has a caster adjuster built in which is nice. As far as road walk, check rear control arm condition also if the rear axles is not staying square because of worn bushings etc it could cause a "dog walk" condition.

Also, I could be wrong and it may not matter either way, but I'm pretty sure my tie rod end coming from the bar going to steering box is mounted on top of the spindle not the bottom like yours. I haven't had to mess with mine yet so for all I know mine is backward but just thought it was worth a mention.


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View HampshireWJ's Jeep
07-22-2019, 01:43 PM
Not sure how much this may help, but my observations are this - i) There seems to be a bracket with no steering damper attached, you have reinstalled this before driving, right? ii) The suggested caster is in the range 6-7 degrees, probably difficult to measure but can you verify this in any way? iii) I just looked at my WJ, and while there is quite a lean back on the knuckle it doesn't look as much as yours - this may be deceptive in the photo however, as the steering linkage tie rod ends look to be horizontal and I think are installed correctly. iv) Mismatched length control arms top and bottom would rotate the axle and lead to other misalignments within the diff and drive shaft.

Have a look at Rockauto for the dimensions for the control arms, I was struggling with this but there seem to be a number of different lengths available varying from 17.75 to 21 inches. If you have gone too short at the top then this would roll the axle back and give the crazy caster angle.

You say you had the lift installed, but do you still have the instruction sheet that came with it? If so have a good look at it, and then study the actual installation - you may find something installed wrongly.

Best of luck with this.


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View HampshireWJ's Jeep
07-22-2019, 02:09 PM
I just found the install instuctions on the Rough Country site. So take a good look at them and see if the install is good.

I assumed that this is your kit, if not please use Rough Country's site for the correct instructions.

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