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Model:Grand Cherokee

Engine:PowerTech 4.0L I6

Transmission:42RE Automatic Transmission

Transfer Case:Nv-242

Front Axle:Dana 30

Rear Axle:Dana 35

Axle Gear Ratio:3:55

Suspension:2.5" COIL LIFT: Springs (Front - Rusty's 2.5" || Rear BDS 2") ~ Shocks (FOX Performance Series 2.0 Smoothbody BDS IFP) ~ Zone Offroad Extended Sway Bar End Links ~ RANCHO RS5409 Steering Stabalizer

Tires:29.5" Hankook Pathfinder AT (245/70r16

Wheels:16in ProComp La Paz Series 29 (4.5" Backspacing - 0 Offset)

Armor:EAG Modular Front Bumper

Recovery Gear:ARB Onboard Air Compressor, MAXSA Traction Mats, Bubba Rope Power-stretch Kinetic Rope

Accessories:RotoPAX 3.5 Gallon Fuel Tank, Apollointech Auxilary Switch Pod (Pro Series), Viper Remote Start System, Spyder Auto Front/Rear & Headlights/Taillights, Soundsystem Overhaul, MAXHAUL Roof Basket

Future Modifications:*Install of lift and suspension components listed as well as purchase of 31" tires. Additionally, looking to purchase lighting options for overloading adventures*

Here's the build! Slowly adding as the days go on and the funds come in.


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View Matthew_WJ's Jeep
06-26-2021, 07:56 AM
Nice rig man! Got a question about your headlights. How is those projectors doing for you? I had a pair of them myself and loved the crap out of them, but the cutoff shield on the projectors were not cut with much quality. IIRC, the right one had virtually no cutoff on the right half of the beam though adjusted correctly. Then I had some fool back into me and ruined both headlights, so in a pinch I just threw my stock reflectors back in. I don’t currently have the funds right now, but I see Spyder only makes them in chrome and saw a site say the black version I prefer will be available again in July. If I manage to snag a set, I will probably end up retrofitting with a set of comparably sized Morimotos if I get the time, money and patience lol.


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View carlsondrew3's Jeep
06-26-2021, 02:16 PM
Appreciate the kind words! I totally understand where you're coming from - I had the same issue with mine funny enough in regard to the cutoff. When I first got these headlights, and in similar fashion to the halos I originally had, the cutoff always seemed off. No matter what I did to adjust the angle it just never seemed to get better. However, I recently decided to change my bulbs in the projectors since I noticed a flickering when going over bumps. Now with those new headlights in they fit better, no flickering, AND the cutoff is where it should be. All that to say, in my experience, sometimes the fixture isn't the problem but rather the bulbs you're using. In which case, the bulbs I got are the Marsauto 9006's off of amazon. 30 bucks for the pair and it'll autofill the correct size and whatnot once you put in your Jeep specs. Hope this helps!


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View Matthew_WJ's Jeep
06-26-2021, 03:44 PM
Hey no problem man.

And hmm that is very interesting. That could potentially have been my problem as well with the cutoff. For as long as I have owned my WJ, I have ran the Sylvania zXe 9006 bulbs and been very pleased with the whiter spectrum of light they output compared to the non Xenon-infused halogen bulbs. But when I got those projector headlights, it output a yellowish color as if it had regular halogens. I personally cannot see very well with that color of lighting, part of why I like my zXe bulbs so much, but I could not afford an HID kit that I wanted. Unfortunately those headlamps did end up being recycled as they were crunched in from the collision. I see ProTuningLabs has these lights with an included HID kit which I can get with 6000k bulbs. If they do get them back in stock, I will try to jump on it as soon as possible when funds allow. If I am unable to get them, but can get just the housings from another vendor, I will for sure keep the bulbs you mentioned in mind.

And I look forward to seeing the future progress on your WJ. About everyone I know that owns a WJ sure do love em.

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