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Jeep won't start fuel issue?

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The other day I took the Jeep out to a friend's. It drove perfect on my way back I stopped to get something. When I came back out the car wouldn't start at first I thought maybe it just died randomly but when I turned the key over the voltage would go to 14. So put some throttle into it and it started but would only run if I throtled it. Then I thought crank sensor mine was under life time warrenty so replaced it not it. then checked the spark plugs replaced them as well nothing. maybe fuel injectors nope. fuel pressure just checked it with just the key in and on its at 4 psi and when I would turn it on its at 28 psi. Is that the normal pressure coming out of the fuel rail? I also noticed that went it is started it's only firing off of 2 cylinders 5 & 7
Thanks guys & gals in advance


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