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Gus, the 2002 Grand Cherokee Overland

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Gus was totaled by my drunk ex boyfriend and he’s never been quite 100% since. Given the circumstances that he was stolen by a drunk, wrecked, then driven back home on two shredded tires amongst $8k worth of other damage and parked like nothing happened, I would probably have confidence, anxiety, and joint issues too.

When first purchased back in 2015, Gus was a tank, built with a 4.7 liter V8, rough country lift, and oversized tires. Not perfect in any means, but still a looker with minor issues, like an iffy heater, crap speakers, and other minute offenses.

After the wreck, Gus spent a lot of time going in and out of mechanics shops for tweaking here and there as well as having a differential replaced under warranty. Gus quickly deteriorated with the increased demand of attention to things not previously addressed after the accident. We were able to celebrate his 200k mile birthday, but the damage had been done, and Gus was put to bed a few months later.

Gus currently loathes around in my garage, like a very depressed elephant. Sitting quietly, waiting for the very last of all his fluids to just finish seeping out and it all just ends. He’s become increasingly annoyed by my perpetual poking and prodding, sticking flashlights in places that embarrass him, and wiping up his unmentionables up from his inability to hold fluids. Oil mainly.

What Gus doesn’t know, is that I’ll be completely overhauling him over. My poking and prodding has been due to completing an awfully long and slightly intimidating list of “to-do’s”. However, there’s a lot of hope for Gus to return him to his former glory of not better. Between all the hands, wrenches, and brains supporting his effort for rehab, I’m pretty faithful in the support group we’ve created in rehabilitating Gus both physically and mentally.

I’ve joined this forum to get ideas, advice and inspiration from other Jeep families and to show Gus an even larger support group.

Let’s all root for Gus.


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