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Guess I'll introduce myself!

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Was looking for a low mile 04 Overland for about 8 months until I found the prime example I was looking for. Got it back in April with 96k on the clock, and the condition reflects it. Had a few quirks(still does), such as a p0420, so I threw a new Y pipe w/mini cats and 4 brand spanking NTK o2's, also fixed some ****ery in the wiring to B1S1 which I presume was caused by a leaking PS res. Still triggers an intermittent Evap code which I haven't made a priority, blend doors(surprise surprise), auto dimming mirror doesn't get it's 12v supply(again, haven't made a priority). I've only done minimal things to it so far, mostly maintenance items, fluids and filters and such. Clayed and coated the paint, debadged it and added two new Overland badges on the doors in matching locations. Converted the interior lights to LED, added LED bulbs to the fogs in yellow(yellow fogs are best fogs), not too much aside from that. Currently talking to our boy Kolak about getting some sound out of her. New MOOG upcountry springs and isolators should deliver sometime next week, might do a BB. Pending how well new tires fit(or don't fit). Attachment 3863031


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