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Droning noise after front driveline work

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99 Jeep WJ 4.0 Selec-Trac
A couple of weeks ago my Jeep started making a clunking sound from the front end, I found that the front driveshaft was the problem and I replaced it with a direct fit replacement from Advanced Auto. The boots on my front CV axles had been torn for some time so I decided to just go ahead and get new front axles and while I had it apart I decided to put new wheel bearing assemblies on the front as well. (155,000 miles on it so i figured they were originals) Went ahead and changed the front dif fluid as well ( and added the limited slip additive from mopar ). My Jeep now has a low droning sound coming from what I believe to be the front driveline, droning only occurs between maybe 45 and 60 MPH with steady throttle and when I let off the throttle it goes away. Any ideas????
The Jeep also has a small transmission fluid leak (started right after all of the above repairs and I haven’t figured out exactly where it’s leaking from yet).


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